The Experience

What We Do

It begins with our guests – people who want to get well and not simply “dry out” only to relapse. We introduce our guests to those who are already living fully in recovery. We do this in a beautiful campus setting, where recovered volunteers work with our guests to follow and share the 12 Step program. The physical space has been carefully designed to create an environment that will promote, support and enhance spiritual and emotional growth for all persons.  

How We Do It

The Directions model is simple and straightforward. It relies on an integrated community approach, teaching the spiritual principles embodied in the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.  Our success is based on the involvement of the broader recovered community and the establishment of a fellowship for our newcomers that continues long after they leave the Directions Campus. 

Experience among recovered alcoholics has shown that embracing the 12 Steps in their daily lives is essential for transformative change and long-term recovery. Mentoring and sponsorship deepen this process of change. Staff and volunteers share their experience and model the actions necessary for recovery. Our daily regimen of activities comprises 12 Step meetings, workshops and study topics from AA literature – all delivered in a regular rotation to ensure our guests have a firm foundation built on the 12 Steps and the spiritual tools of recovery. Our guests will have begun the work that will continue for a lifetime.