Directions is a quiet urban campus where two key essentials for real recovery come together:  the power of working the 12 Steps with recovered volunteers and the power of fellowship. This combination delivers the message of hope and spiritual tools for change, as well as an immediate immersion in the local recovery community at large. Our volunteers are living examples of a lifestyle in recovery that is desirable and achievable. 


The 30-Day Program

Our foundational 30-day program is for people over 18 years old who suffer from alcoholism and chemical dependency. Men and women reside separately to meet their gender-specific needs and facilitate a supportive environment for focusing on recovery and a spiritual solution. We are not a detoxification center and do not offer medical treatment or psychotherapy.

Our purpose is to provide a serene place and ample time for people who are motivated to fully participate in a program of recovery. This program is steeped in the 12 Steps and is brought to them by the local recovered community – volunteers who are committed to helping others, a key principle of the 12 Steps.


Family Program

Directions is also committed to serving our guests’ family members. Clinical experience and research show the disease of addiction affects the entire family. When dysfunctional dynamics are examined, the circle of hope is widened for everyone. The Family Program offers education and resources, such as Al-Anon, to provide ongoing support.


Extended Stay Program

Some of our guests need an extended stay before they feel strong enough to go back into the “real world.” The amount of time needed for transformative change and establishing a firm foundation of sobriety differs for every individual, and we provide that flexibility. Our guests practice the 12 Steps daily as they begin returning to their recovered lives with family, work and other responsibilities.


Community & Professional Education

To facilitate communication and education Directions will host a variety of programs for volunteers, professionals, families, employers, neighbors, and friends of the mission in the recovery community.



Directions is committed to broadening and deepening our understanding of the spiritual recovery process outlined by the 12 Steps and will initiate a research plan from the beginning. Research, we believe, can provide evidence-based direction for everyone committed to serving those in recovery from addiction. We will partner with the academic and research institutes that share this perspective.