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Opportunities to Donate

Directions is a 501 (c) (3) Non Profit Corporation

Initial goal is $1M to buy the property by 4Q 2014 and open in 2016
Payment may be deferred until we have secured pledges to fund 80% of the initial goal of $1M
To make a donation call or email Julien Devereux, our fundraising chairman, at (469) 644-3975.

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Opportunities for Service Work

Directions will be built on a foundation of dedicated recovered volunteers who live and teach the 12 Steps of recovery. If you love the 12 Steps and the Big Book and want to be part of this journey, we would be very grateful for your help. As we move forward, there will be numerous opportunities to get involved, including joining advisory committees, networking with AA members from different groups, starting study groups and meetings, and carrying the message. If you're interested in helping or have any questions or comments, please contact Charles Kennedy