Directions Campus

We have completed all the renovations, landscaping, and lighting at our new Community Center and pavilion (including a labyrinth). Please drive by 2335 Laughlin Dr. anytime and view our wonderful progress. We think you will be surprised.

This spring, we will be offering various studies and meetings, all based on the 12 Steps and

Spiritual Growth. Thanks to so many, our vision is really taking shape. For more information on

getting involved with our Caring Community, please contact Charlie Stobaugh.

We are now focusing on raising the funds to fully renovate the main residential building. The

goal is to raise $6 million, which will trigger a ten-month construction process. Picture 24 private rooms in the Men’s wing and 19 in the Women’s wing.

Various naming options are available for donations beginning at $100,000. For more details

about this and being part of our Funds Development effort, please contact Julien Devereux. Thanks to all for the wonderful encouragement and support.