Community Members

Directions is being built on a foundation of dedicated recovered volunteers who live and teach the 12 Steps of recovery. If you are passionate about the 12 Steps, the Big Book, and the Directions mission, we welcome you to join the people listed here as a member of our growing community.

Jenny Altick Lawrence

Robert Bagwell

Conor Bateman

Tad Black

Coblie Brazell

Rick Brooks

Daniel Burds

Steve Carnes

Barney Carrington

Mike Clark

Ashley Cole

Earl Cox

Chiristie Croker

Sharon Day

Julien Devereux

Jim Epperson

Kevin Fuller

Richard Goodis

Scott Hamilton

Sheril Harris

Ralph Hawkins

Wade Henderson

Barb Ivey

Jeff Jensen

Margaret Keliher

Charles Kennedy

William Kurtze

Neil Kieran

Camille Krug

Emily Lawson

Laura Long

Ed Lozano

Tim Lurton

Steve Mall

Krista Mall

Margaret Darphin Mall

Jennifer McNabb

Pam Mesker Pierce

Chip Moore

Ben Parkey

Randy Price

Julie Ramsey

Myers Raymer

Jeff Redd

Genie Rousseau

Robert Rowling

John and Joann Ryan

Bill Ryland

Bill Scarborough

Paulette Starita

Carol Stevenson

Charlie Stobaugh

Fred Theobold

Vincent Webb

Alfie Wishart

Frank Wood

Jack Zogg