Caring Community

The 12 Steps are the stable foundation of our programs. The brick walls of the campus will be strengthened by the dedication of the Caring Community of volunteers who fill the rooms as they generously share their experience, strength, and hope with our guests. The campus is dedicated to being a dignified place where truth, love, and shared experience all come together...a place for personal and honest contact with new friends who have been there and back, who know the path well, and who stand ready to share with others what they have been so freely given.


The renowned Carl Jung concluded in a 1961 letter to AA co-founder Bill W that a protective wall of human community is essential if individuals with alcohol addiction are to recover– a wall anchored by personal and honest contact with friends.


John Curtiss of the Retreat, world-renowned 12 Step teacher Myers Raymer, and others speak about the hope and enthusiasm Directions is creating in the recovery community.