About Us

Despite today’s numerous recovery options, the disturbing fact is that addiction is on the rise, while the rate of successful recovery is in decline.


Our founders are a group of people – some recovered alcoholics themselves – who are driven by a desire to create an environment where long-lasting sobriety takes root and flourishes. Drawing on the experience of finding a spiritual solution that works by practicing the 12 Steps of AA, the Directions campus was created to provide that spiritual solution. Our aim is to achieve the 75% success rate achieved in the early days of Alcoholics Anonymous, as opposed to today’s estimated rate of 5-10%.


In surveys of various treatment centers around the country, The Retreat in Minnesota stands out as a model that embraces the essential elements required for a lasting and contented sober life – spiritual growth, community involvement, and service to others. With The Retreat’s generous blessing and support, our goal is to bring that solution to the Dallas/Fort Worth area.